How to Motivate Yourself This Time of Year

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on Dec 15, 2011 in Articles
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How to Motivate Yourself This Time of Year

1) Ignore the weather.

Unless you live in LA or Miami, chances are it is cold, rainy, snowy, windy or icy where you live.  You can not let that fact alone wipe out all reason for you to exercise.  Put on bright lights and get moving!  Warm up the car and get to the gym.  Pack a lunch if you have to – eat it with your kids, then check them in and get a full workout in without worrying about “snack time” or lunch.  You will NOT regret it.

2) Remember that cellulite knows no season.

Although I’m not one to emulate teenage girls in Vogue, I will say that if you realize you will see spring again (and summer is quickly behind) you will accept: if your muscles are not getting challenged now those warm-weather shorts will reveal the habits you embraced this winter .  So, keep tone by looking into the future for motivation!

3) Reward Yourself With Non-food Treats.

Saw some earring you like?  Need a new pair of run around shoes?  Hoping to get a nicer sweater on sale after the Holidays?  Well, earn it!  Set workout goals for yourself, keep to them, and once they are accomplished find a little something (that fits your budget!) and get it.  In fact, do without those junky (over-sugared, preservative filled) treats at the coffee shop and put the money you would have spent in a special container.  Keep at it and soon enough you’ll be heading to the after-Christmas sales with money to buy some new kicks to show off you more toned legs!

4) Get Your Kids Wiggles Out and Get in A Workout – a Win-Win!

If you are crabby for being stuck inside, chances are your kids are getting that way, too.  So, get out.  For some reason kids are IMPERVIOUS to cold weather (even if you are not).  Slap on some coats, wool socks, and boots, pack some snacks and get to it!  If you need to, snow shoes and a kiddie carrier can be and addition to your wardrobe of choice.  Hike around the block, or drive to a trail and take in the serene snow fall around you.  In any case, get out and see attitudes improve!  Just keep in mind, 90% of the battle is getting out of the house!

5) Lower Your Standards

It seems silly, but one way to motivate yourself is to not beat yourself up so much for doing what you can.  Do what you can whenever you can.  Only have 20 minutes to do some toning exercises?  Take it!  Can’t seem to get out of the house?  Do a circuit workout in your living room.  Just made it to the gym and your baby is a mess – jump on the machine and go with all your might knowing the childcare worker might be getting you soon (so use the little time you have to push yourself).  Don’t give up – take whatever you can get rather than stalling out or doing nothing because you have set too high of standards for your workout.  Stay motivated by accepting that baby steps forward are still steps in the right direction!

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