Knocking Out Morning Sickness – by Dr. Jonathan Wright

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on Jun 28, 2012 in Articles
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After reading this article I went and got both Vitamin K1 (as Vitamin K 3 is no longer available without prescription) and Vitamin C.  I took only 100 mcg (100 micrograms which equals .1 milligrams) of Vitamin K1 and it helped.  Please, please note that Vitamin K is not meant to be used in large quantities.  So use the smaller quantity sold off the shelf in higher quality vitamin shops.  It should do the trick!  It helped me.  (And it was 1/50th the dose they used in the original experiment!)


Question: Do you have any advice on dealing with morning sickness naturally?

Dr. Wright: I am going to share with you the results of a study published in the American Journal of Obstetrics and Gynecology, in 1952–57 years ago!

In this study, 70 women with mild to severe nausea and vomiting related to pregnancy took 5 milligrams of vitamin K3 and 25 milligrams (no kidding, just 25 milligrams) of ascorbic acid (vitamin C). Within three days 64 of the 70 women–that’s 91 percent!–had complete elimination of all symptoms. Three more women were relieved of vomiting, but remained nauseated even with higher doses. Only three of the 70 women had no results at all.

The only “catch” to this treatment is that the two vitamins must be taken at the very same time. If they’re taken at different times of day, the treatment doesn’t work at all.

Finding vitamin C in such small quantities is nearly impossible, but it’s very safe to take larger amounts. In fact, I recommend 500-milligram tablets to the women I work with. I also recommend vitamin K1, since the K3 form used in the original study has become available by prescription only. The dose just needs to be a bit higher–10 to 15 milligrams, taken with the vitamin C–since vitamin K1 is harder for some individuals to absorb than vitamin K3.

But even with these slight changes, vitamin K and C treatment has given complete relief to every pregnant woman I’ve worked with who’s experienced any degree of nausea and vomiting. And all of the babies born to these mothers have done well. (Natural vitamin K is safe for developing infants, and it’s actually given to babies immediately after birth to prevent “hemorrhagic disease of the newborn,” which is actually a manifestation of vitamin K deficiency.)

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