Three Ways to Workout With Your Kids

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As a mom of young kids (read: kids not in school yet) or a working mom of kids at any age it can be hard to find time to workout.  Sure, you can get up before your husband leaves for work, crawl to the car, drive to the gym and get in a bleary-eyed power workout.  Or you can stay up late and ride your bike on the bike trainer while watching your favorite television show (my choice for days where my regular routine is pushed aside).  But, most days you’d prefer to work it into your schedule with ease.

Well, there is good news – you can get in a workout most any day of the week if you follow this one rule: do your workout while your kids are awake.

Sound ambitious? Sound impossible?  Sound unnecessary?  Think about it – when kids are sleeping moms are usually trying to be productive with something that requires little or no interruption.  That is a LONG list.  And “get in a workout today” usually gets sloughed off to the side of our “to-do” lists when we finally get a few minutes to ourselves.  Not to mention there are variables you can’t count on – your baby is teething and has a restless night, your toddler has a cold and can’t sleep, your preschooler won’t lie down for nap time, your child has out grown naps and is bored, your husband needs some quality time with you since you rarely get to talk these days, or you need rest/downtime because of all the aforementioned things.

So, to help my fellow Seattle moms out I am passing on my Three Easy Ways to Get a Workout in with Your Kids.  Keep in mind, there are lots of options, but these three are the tried-and-true ones you can repeat endlessly.

1) “Run Forest Run!” – Get on your jogging shoes, put the kid(s) in the jogging stroller and go!  If you get a shiver down your spine at the idea of jogging/running (like I used to) start out with 3 minutes of fast walking, 2 minutes of jogging back and forth for 30 minutes until you work into a longer time or faster pace.  Remember, it’s about moving with your kids not being Flo Jo right out of the gate.  In addition, your kids will love getting outside.  Birds, cats, other kids… they love to site see.  You get a mental escape, your child gets to explore the world around them, and your muscles get to party and feel refreshed – win, win, win!

2) Bike -Dream of leisurely riding down a country road on a vintage Schwinn with a basket in the front?  Well, keep the Schwinn, but put your leisure to the side because it’s go time – mommy style.  Strap on a bike trailer, load up your little ones and hit the pavement.  Seattle is FULL of amazing trails (some right outside you door) that you can go, go, go on for adventures.  (The Burke Gilman alone offers over 30 miles of paved trail!)  Be sure to pack a water, snacks and a bit of extra time as you head into the fresh air.  You’ll probably spot some fun places to explore for the ride home along your way.

3) Join the YMCA (or another organization like it!) – The YMCA is an amazing place to go if you have kids. Personally, my card hails from the Dale Turner YMCA in Shoreline (think swanky Bellevue gym only affordable!) but all of the Seattle area Y’s are amazing for families.  They offer FREE childcare for up to 90 minutes so you can get in a good workout.  That’s right, 90 minutes.  (9×10!)  And their staff is amazing.  They really take time with your children and invest in their learning.  In addition they offer a variety of physical activity options and classes as well as assistance to families who might need help with the monthly cost of membership. Oh! And they are a non-profit.  Wow… people willing to work at a non-profit because they care about health?  5 stars in my book!

Keep in mind – all of these activities can be very affordable family options.  You don’t have to buy new gear to get in a good workout.  Perhaps you have a neighbor you can share with – create a jogging stroller co-op if you will.  Or look on places like for a nice used bike, bike trailer or jogging stroller.  New doesn’t necessarily mean you’ll get a better workout, so don’t worry if you need to stick to a budget.  Your body and your baby won’t care!  (And your hubby will be happy you are feeling better and not breaking the bank!)

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  1. “…do your workout while your kids are awake.”
    Genious. On many levels.

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