Aaaaaaand, Take Two!

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on Jan 24, 2013 in 21-Day Real Food Detox
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The best solution payday loans

Ah the joys of a newborn babe.  Sweet snuggles.  Nuzzling head into your chest.  The smell of your newborn’s softest skin.

And a schedule that is oddly calm and completely packed full of constant-ness.

I didn’t forget how life can fall “behind” with a newborn but I did forget how many things don’t get done.  However, with this little Mister I have had an eery calm to just let things happen when they happen if they happen.  Thus, the lax blogging.  But, here I am, ready to go again!

That said, where was I on that sugar detox?  Ah, yes… day 5?  6?  Um… how about a re-boot?

Sunday I will begin a full on sugar detox with very specific rules.  More specific than ever before to help those out that need very specific boundaries (and, really, don’t we ALL?)

I invite everyone to join me.  I will be laying out what you can not eat, what you can, and supplements that will help you.  I already know of a friend who lost fifteen toxic pounds in a month doing the detox I will be leading you through but I truly do encourage you to not just seek weight loss but seek better health, less stress, and more energy.

If you are nursing like me take time to realize that decreasing refined sugars is great and healthy.  It will help you sluff postpartum pounds that you don’t need BUT you should NOT look at the fat on the detox as “bad”.  You need them for your milk supply to stay healthy.

Nuts, seeds, plants… these are great sources of fat.  So, you can stick to the detox, get enough calories for your babe and enough “good fat” to keep your milk supply up.  Don’t be fooled into thinking that sugary snacks are your savior during pregnancy. There are tons of great foods like frozen blueberries with coconut milk to meet you sweet treat cravings. And I can give you alternatives to the sugary treats you might be used to to get you through the day.

Finally, get ready to laugh.  Honestly will abound as I keep track of my body morphing and how I feel.  And, do me a favor, if you join me, take a before and after pic and maybe a few comments on how you feel along the way.  We can do it… again.



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