Detox Shopping List – Week 1

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on Jan 29, 2013 in 21-Day Real Food Detox
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Here is a list that will coincide with “Detox Week One” tips, recipes and meal planning.  Most if not all of these items are easy to find at Trader Joes if you have one. No need to break your budget!  Also, some of these items will roll over into next week.

Also, read over the “Detox Do/Don’ts Short Lis

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t” and review what is nixed on the detox.  This is important as you are sure to want some sort of dressing or flavorful addition here or there, but beware ingredients.  Soy, wheat, corn, sugar and gluten tend to sneak there way into almost everything on the shelf that is not made of single ingredients.

Now, get shopping and get ready to shed pounds and feel better!

  1. Rice Milk or Almond Milk – one container/box
  2. Two cans of Coconut Milk
  3. 16 oz of Raw Almonds (cheapest at Trader Joes or in bulk)
  4. One can of black beans
  5. Stevia or Agave
  6. Green and/or Herbal Teas
  7. Three heads of green, leafy lettuce or two bags of green leafy lettuce (organic preferred)
  8. 4 Peppers – Red, Orange, or Yellow
  9. 4 Lemons or Limes
  10. 3 Pounds of Organic Green Apples
  11. 2 pounds of large carrots
  12. 1 Pound parsnips
  13. One head of brocolli
  14. 5 Sweet potatoes
  15. 2-16 ounce bags of froze blueberries (wild or organic preferred – best from Trader Joes)
  16. 1- 16 ounce bag of mixed berries
  17. 2 dozen Cage Free Eggs
  18. Half pound of wild Salmon (canned or fillet)
  19. Free Range Chicken (approx. 3 pounds)
  20. 1 Pound of Grass Fed Ground Beef
  21. Almond Butter
  22. 3 Avocados
  23. Olive Oil, Coconut Oil, or Flaxseed Oil (Olive Oil is usually best priced at TJ’s… coconut oil from Costco in bulk or TJ’s)
  24. 7 Bananas
  25. Raw seeds (approx one pound)
  26. 2 dozen range free eggs
  27. Salsa (read the label! No sugar or corn)
  28. One quart veggie stock

It may seem like a short list but if you get enough veggies this is plenty!

In addition, look over the detox recipes and most all Paleo recipes as they usually fit into the detox boundaries.  If you have questions email me!



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