How a Weary Mom Can Find Hope

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Today I am posting a blog from another page. It may seem like a bit of a cop out but, honestly, I think I needed this blog and you may too.

You may not be a person of any faith but the words here are still true in so many ways.  Have faith. Motherhood is hard. Loving is hard. There are no promotions or pay raises.  And it can make you wrestle with your mind day in and day out. However, the life achievement you receive is undoubtably inexplicable. And your children really are your greatest work.


by Brooke McGlothlin 

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Motherhood is hard physical labor, sweaty work, manual labor of the most intense kind because it requires more than just body.

Turns out it’s hard heart labor, too. 

And when the work doesn’t pay off? When the pulling and tugging and coaxing and dragging and pushing and begging and praying don’t seem to change things as fast as we’d like, we can be left empty, exhausted, worn down.

It reminds me of the story of Peter and the disciples in Luke 5:1-9.

A fisherman, Peter had worked hard all night long trying to catch fish and hadn’t caught even one.

In those days, I imagine an empty net meant an empty stomach, empty table, empty mouths, and maybe, for Peter, an empty heart. I can almost hear him thinking, “All that work for nothing! Wasted effort, wasted time. I should just quit.”

Ever felt that way, Mom? 



A failure?

Me too.

Jesus, in need of a safe place from which to teach the people, caught Peter coming in from the long, hard, dirty night of fruitless work, and asked for a simple favor.

The crowds, desperate for a word when the voice of God had been silent in the land for four hundred years, were pressing in all around him, and the fisherman’s boat looked like a good place to land.

He taught the people from the boat for a time, and then told the weary fisherman, Peter, to cast his net in the deep water once more.

Can you imagine Peter’s response? Wait, what did he just say? I gave him my boat, and now this? He’s got to be kidding.

Can you picture him, head in hands, eyes tired from lack of sleep, and heart weary from the weight of failure, answering the man Jesus?

Lord, we have been out here all night. 

We’ve worked our fingers to the bone trying to provide for our families, trying to take care of them and give them our best. We’ve given our all, all night long and it hasn’t been enough. We’re tired, and we don’t want to try again. Not even one more time. But because you seem to be something special, we will. Just this once, and don’t ask us to do it again if you please.

You know what happened, right?

Peter’s choice to blow on the flame of hope one last time nearly sank his boat with success.

He knew at once that he had been in the presence of greatness, and knowing it, repented, left his nets, and followed Jesus.

I find a lot of strength from Peter’s story because there’s not a week that goes by when I don’t entertain the idea of quitting —  at least for a few seconds.

Just this week, I sat back and allowed myself to remember what it was like before we had kids.

Freedom and quiet were words that came to mind. I’d never really failed at anything much before becoming a mom — and I never thought loving someone so much could make me feel so bad.

Certainly, there are professions that garner more praise, and pay significantly higher wages.

As moms, we can feel trapped in a long-term assignment… that often makes us feel like failures.

But I’m beginning to understand that there is a way to find hope.

I think our victory, like Peter’s, starts with just one more cast of the net

just one more cast of the net


Friends, I can’t promise your next act of obedience will produce the fruit in your children’s hearts you’ve been craving.

I can’t promise you that following Christ, like Peter, even just one more time, will bring immediate change or smashing success.

But I can promise that holding out that flicker of hope, just enough to propel your feet forward in one more step of faith, matters to God.

He sees you, and He knows what it will require to pursue your heart. He’ll pursue it with reckless abandon, just because He loves you that much.

But in the same way that He loves you, the same way He’ll move all of heaven to chase your heart and make it His, He also loves your children.

When they break your heart, they break His.

When they run away from you, they run away from Him.

When they reject your love, they reject His.

When they refuse to walk in obedience to you, they refuse to walk in obedience to Him.

He hurts with you.

But His plans for you—and your children—are good.

Will you make a commitment with me today, friend? Can we stand together, unified by Christ and our love for our children, and covenant with the Lord that we will never, ever give up the fight?

Can we covenant with the Lord that we will never give up on His ability to move in our hearts and those of our children?

Say it with me…

“I believe God’s plans for me are good. Therefore, I commit today that I will never give up on my family, and I will never give up on God’s ability to move in our hearts. With His help, I will take the next step of faith even when I don’t feel like it, because He is the God of miracles.”

I believe God will meet us and fill our nets as we trust Him enough to cast them just one more time.

Mama, look out at the water, and place your feet firmly on the dock.

Then let your net fly. 

Choose hope.


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