Me to Myself: Ugh… Stop It Already.

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on Jun 1, 2015 in Blog
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I need to finish this thing I started. The “I need to get back to the real me” thing. The last four pounds. The more clean eating. But, many days I just don’t give a rat’s back end. Why? Because, I compare myself.

Here’s how it plays out… Compare me to the average American and I eat like an Olympian. Compare me to my teenage self and I am far more fit. Compare me to most “I’ve had three kids” mamas and, currently, I look pretty darn good.  (Don’t worry, that ego goes right out the window here in a second).

Then compare to those I really respect who are healthy and at their peak (in their late thirties and forties).   Compare me to Jillian Micheals and I have practically no abs. Compare me to the woman I see EVERY day at the Y, five years my senior, and my arm muscles are practically non-existant and I feel twenty pounds overweight (rather than the aforementioned four). Compare me to the crazy clean-eating, clear-skin yoga masters coming out of class with their mats rolled up and not a drop of sweat on their faces and I seem clumsy, awkward and very poorly dressed (even for a gym).

Bottom line. Stop comparing. Comparing can stall you out or make you feel inferior. (Which will also stall you out).

The only person to overcome and be better than and strive for is the absolute best you.

You a size smaller and feeling better about your body. You exercising five days a week and feeling more focused and strong. You eating better and feeling less tired, less sick, less frustrated, less sluggish. You choosing to teach your kids the importance of moving and eating good food full of nutrients so they don’t have this battle someday. You making sure you stand a little straighter and wear clothes that flatter you. You on your best day. And, your “best” day, is the day you stop comparing and complaining and feeling bad about who you are. It’s the day you take ownership of all your quirks and your “not quite perfect”s. Make today your best day.


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