The Real Super Hero Women

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on May 7, 2014 in Blog
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The Real Super Hero Women

I recently looked at Super Hero women’s depictions.

My son loves graphic novel style books. Luckily there are some age appropriate ones out there.  But, there are many that are not so age appropriate (even the teen-age Hardy Boys’ have girls in pretty sexy outfits). And, then, there are super hero comic books.

Now, I like super heroes.  They’re fun. They do good deeds. They are “super”.  And, I realize that they are NOT your regular human being, for the most part.  There are traits they have that are unique and superhuman. From web-creating, to heavy lifting, to flying… these folks are not low on the ability scale.

However, I am pretty annoyed at the depiction of women in these graphic novels.

Apparently, the “super-est” part of a superhero woman is her boobs.  And her six pack man-abs. Then there’s the outfits.

I mean, come ON.  If it’s Halloween and you want to dress slutty, that’s your thing. But, if it’s NOT Halloween and you want to say, I don’t know, save the world, why are you wearing the same type of Halloween-slut-outfit?  It doesn’t seem like these “super” women can do much of anything in these skin tight, often barely there, ensembles of justice.  What gives?  Is this what the 99% of males think a women with super powers should look like? Low-cut, body-tape-needed pleather wisps with boots?

Now, I am SURE this is what 99% of males think porn stars should look like, but, women who’s job it is to kick butt and save nations?  Seriously?

What are we saying to our boys and girls about women in general, much less “Super” hero women.  What are we personifying about feminine “powers”… that female power lies in being large busted, synthetic-looking, and scantily clad? What ever happened to Olympiad-looking women?  Or strong Rosy-the-riveter types?

My fear is that my sons will see power of a women ONLY in her body. Not in her mind or her talents or her abilities or her power to love.

And, yet, I see the “power” in a healthy, fit, trim body.  Because I know what it can do.  What it can accomplish. And how it feels to not let your insecurities to hold you back.

So. Once again, ladies, we stand at the gateway of perception on behalf of our children. It’s our culture versus our courage.

We need to set an example and be the REAL superheros in our kids lives.

Be strong. Be healthy and fit. Be honest. Be honorable. Be courageous. Be loving. Be what those 2-D big-boobed imps created by men sitting in a graphic novel fantasy of foolishness don’t represent on those pages.

Be real. Be present. Be tangible.

Together we can change the perception of “Super women”

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all over the world.

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