Yeast Feast on Your Body = “Acne”, Itchy Skin and… the Other

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This is a weird post for me to write. In it I will be very open about current body challenges which, warning, can be a bit gross.  However, if you have EVER had skin issues that won’t quit or persistent yeast infections please know you are in good company and I hope to reveal some helpful cures you may or may not have known.

Since being pregnant with my third son about two and a half years ago, I have had chronic issues with yeast infections (I know, eww!), acne and itchy skin.  Now you would THINK I would have connected the dots at that point but, no. I chaulked it up to hormones and pregnancy. Then my son was born so I blamed adjusting hormone levels and aging.

However, when these problems persisted well after my pregnancy and postpartum “hormone phase” I leaned heavily on my diet to adjust what I assumed were responses to what I was eating. And, if VERY strict, about 90% of the symptoms and intesisty subsided. (This is still true!) Although I recognized this is a good thing it was (and is) still frustrating to gauge when to eliminate this and that.  But, still, I got it down pretty good. I just needed to actually DO it.

About two to three weeks a month if I eliminate dairy (which I already had for the most part), wheat, yeast, chocolate, and sugar my skin and my body line up.  But, even get a little off of that elimination train and it’s chaos. See if you can relate:

My skin flares up – acne like I am a thirteen-year-old pizza-loving Hostess cupcake eating girl rears its ugly head.

I have red dots underneath my skin which coat my cheeks.

My skin gets itchy – my arms, legs, inner thighs feel tingly and itch.

I get “internal” yeast infections – no need to explain.

This goes on in waves as I eliminate and figure out how to help my body return to normal.

And then I realized it’s all connected.

Now, you may say “duh, hormones”.  And, yes, I do believe there is a factor playing there which I will see and OD about soon.  HOWEVER, the common link regardless is yeast. ALL of it! YEAST.

Turns out what I thought was acne is mostly yeast trying to get out from under my skin! That is why many of the “dots” were under my skin rather than forming pustules on top like a regular zit. The itchy skin is yeast as well. And, well, the other is obvious.

So, how do I kill the yeast? Diet, of course!  Ugh. Seriously?

Turns out, dairy

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is a large irritant. And many kinds of grains and even things like coconut.  In fact, if you have a severe case of these symptoms plus pain or swelling you may have Candida or leaking gut (which I do not believe I do) and there is a gamete of things you should avoid as antibiotics often just irritate the problem. However, my personal “go to” list if you really want clear skin (no yeast skin) and all of the other non-fun itchy grossness is to eliminate caffeine, sugar, chocolate, dairy, wheat, and yeast. It’s a frustrating adjustment at first but the benefits are amazing!  Your skin glows, your skin doesn’t itch, and you won’t have any problems in your lady parts (as they say).

For more information read articles by searching Candida!


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