What NOT to Eat

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on Dec 31, 2011 in Detox "No Go" List of Foods
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1) No chemicals, preservatives, or hormones: This means you will need to avoid most meat, boxed foods and canned goods as they are often saturated with these things.  (Unless they are labeled “Organic, hormone-free, etc.” meat is not allowed).

2) No Alcohol

3) No Caffeine – although I allow it in small quantities the first three days (see “First 5 days”) – including 70% or more dark chocolate.

4) No Gluten – this means no wheat, barley, bran, bulgur, couscous, farina, orzo, semolina, spelt or tabbouli. In addition most oats have gluten unless otherwise labeled.

5) No allergens – this embraces quite a few of things our U.S. diet is full of, including soy, peanuts, and corn. This includes all bi-products from these such as peanut butter, veggie burgers, soy sauce, corn oil, popcorn, etc.

6) No refined sugars – no cane sugar, white or brown sugar.

7) No white rice.

8) No dairy – both cow and goat.

Whew.  Quite a list for the average American to avoid.  But, trust me, you can find foods that meet these requirements.  You might just need to think outside the box.  That and the “greenlight” list and recipes will help immensely so you aren’t left to fend for yourself.

Good luck!  Happy new you!



  1. Flax seeds/oil?
    Yes or no?


    - T

    The best solution payday loans
    • Yes! Most seeds are great. I will add it to the list. By this Friday there will also be a Trader Joe’s list and lots more recipes…. Monday is coming. :)

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