What does it mean: “Eat To Live”

A Better Body After Baby is all about learning how our bodies work and providing them with the tools they need to excel and be the best they have ever been.  That said, our approach to eating is simple: eat real food when you are hungry and no food when you are not.

Real food (defined here as food from the earth that is not processed or made in a lab) is made to nourish us.  It adds energy and nutrients so that our bodies can function efficiently.  It also mends and heals our body when needed.  It is our comrade in arms, not our “enemy” to which we bend or run from.  It is something we need on a daily basis but not something we need to have all the time.  And yet we usually eat out of habit, not as a response to hunger or need for nutrition.

In addition, we tend to lean toward foods that are loaded with simple sugars – which can create a cyclical habit of over-eating.  Our society often dictates that food be a mandatory item in order to have fun or enjoy our life.  That “fun” is primarily found in overly-salty or overly-sweet processed items. We call them “treats”.  And we eat them often, sometimes multiple times a day. The problem is, by its very make up, the body was not made to ingest excess amounts of manufactured fats, salt or sugar (especially processed, bleached sugars that have no substance to them).  So we find ourselves eating processed, sugary foods, raising our blood sugar levels, crashing, craving more food to “recover” and repeating the cycle. All the time we are rarely supplying our body with the nutrients it needs.  So again, our bodies cry out for the nutrition it needs but it rarely finds.

When we do eat foods that are less processed or lower in sugar we tend to overeat.  Portions in the United States and most Westernized countries are out of control.  We have grown accustomed to eating quantities labeled one serving, but are more accurately two or even three servings. This confuses our bodies into thinking we should eat large portions. Our bodies were not made to eat that way.

We often eat until we are full rather than only eating until we are no longer hungry, leaving us consuming untold excess calories. This adds up to multiple pounds of weight gain each year or even each month if unmonitored.  Many don’t realize that our bodies are made to eat smaller portions and only when we need fuel.  Once we have enough fuel, waiting until we need more. This can be as short as a couple hours or up to many hours, but we have lost connection with how to monitor ourselves.  Many of us simply do not know what it means to truly need food.  We simply eat when we want or when the clock says it’s time for a meal.  And this continues day after day and year after year.

Years of neglecting our nutritional needs takes a toll both physically and mentally.  It can cause us to feel tired and even affect our mood and hormones.  And yet we cling to food and our over-eating or “dead food” habits because it is what we are used to and it is what we know.   Now is the time to change all of that.

A Better Body After Baby provides tools, resources and materials to encourage and instruct you to better your body – from the inside out.  Everything from over-eating to eating foods that provide little or no nutritional value will be addressed in one way or another.  It’s time to learn and change.  It’s time to wake up feeling refreshed and go through the day without waiting for the next meal.  It’s time to no longer look at food as a means to be happy, but see it for what it is – a tool for life.

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