After School Snack – Make your own fruit cup

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When your kids come home from school, you want a quick and nutritious snack. It can be easy to run by the store and pick something up. After awhile this can take a toll on the bank and the body. Here is a tasty snack that, with a little prep, can save time and money all week long. If your city has a fruit stand or a fresh market, you can find great prices on fruit to help cut the cost down.

1 bag fresh grapes
3 fresh bananas
1 fresh cantaloupe
1 container fresh strawberries
5 small to medium sized tupperware

Wash grapes and strawberries with water (or produce wash to remove chemicals). Cut bananas in ½ inch slices. Cut cantaloupe into cubes. Cut strawberries in half lengthwise. Combine whole grapes, banana slices, cantaloupe cubes and cut strawberries. Divide fruit into 5 small to medium sized tupperware. Place the fruit cups in the refrigerator for future snacking!

*You can change up the fruit each week, depending on your kids’ preferences and fruit that is on sale.
**The number of Tupperware is variable, depending on the number of days you would like the snack to be used for and the number of kids you have.
***Prepping the fruit ahead of time is the key to making this a quick snack. Think about times you are already in the kitchen and incorporate cutting the fruit into that time – waiting for the water to boil, dinner in the oven.

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