Gaining Five Pounds Doesn’t Make Me Merry

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Gaining Five Pounds Doesn’t Make Me Merry

“It’s. That. Time of yeeeeeear where the world falls in love…”  With food.

Let’s face it, ladies.  Christmas, Hanukkah, Kwanzaa, New Years… it all spells over-eating for most of us.  And gaining five extra pounds (or the “average holiday-time weight gain” of three pounds) does NOT make me merry in the slightest.  So, why do we do it?

Without going into all the “whys” I will simply say this – don’t give into the hype that we “all gain weight” at the holidays. You don’t have to follow the rest of the every weight fluctuating world.  YOU can be different. You can liberate your mind from the syrupy-sweet Rolo cookies and the seductive gingerbread men. You CAN DO IT… and (get ready for it) you can still eat the holiday foods you love.

Here’s a simple (although hard on the follow through sometimes) to follow plan:

1) Stop eating the dough

By this I mean, don’t nibble and nibble and nibble. Try to resist eating all of your luscious baked goods until they are actually baked.  Then eat just ONE.  Yes. ONE.  (I know… trust me, this is hard, but you have so, so many options, one is plenty as you will want to sample more of everyone else’s creations).


This is actually hard for me a lot of the time.  Try to savor, savor, savor.  And enjoy those around you by having a conversation and talking as you eat.  It will help you slow down and it will help you remember that Holiday celebrations are about being with people.  Not just curled up on the couch eating a bag of your favorite homemade sugar cookies.  (Oh, you don’t do that? Then, that’s a reminder to me alone).

3) Save the non-homemade goods for the kids

Kids love sugar. They usually aren’t terribly discreet or picky.  Store bought, home made, organic… if it has sugar, they are all in.  But, you’re not a kid. As Tina Fey would say “You’re a grown-a*@ woman”.  So, be PICKY with what you eat.  Save your taste buds for the homemade and the rare or the hard-to-make stuff only Aunt Jane bakes anymore.  Let the kids eat the other stuff.  They don’t care about the taste.  But you should.

4) Pick three

Along the lines of being picky, if you are at a party, choose three items to indulge in.  JUST three. It will force you to up your taste buds’ game.  OR half portions and choose six.  (Keep in mind, I’m thinking cookies and such here, not pie pieces… three pieces of pie is too much… although, tempting )

5) Set yourself free from the guilt – don’t eat if you’re not hungry

I hate counting calories. HATE it.  So I don’t.  But, I do take note of if I am feeling hungry.  By checking in and seeing if you are actually hungry, you help your body regulate its weight on its own.  If you’re not hungry, don’t eat.  Whether it’s dinner or a salad or dessert. Again,  if you are NOT hungry, save your food and wait until your are.  Take it with you and eat it later if you have to.  And when you finally eat, don’t feel guilty for eating SLOWLY. Your body needs fuel.

6) Remember your family AND that you’re family

This is the time of year where things and food and events and stress all take over what holidays are about.  So, take a breath, sip some wine (or what-have-you) and remember that this time of year is about family.  So look at your sweet baby’s handmade ornaments or the Nativity set that your toddler insists on rearranging or their sweet stocking hanging way, way up high so he doesn’t pull the stocking hanger on head precious head and remember: Holidays are about loving your children and teaching them traditions. It’s about being more patient and being grateful.  And, remember that loving family includes loving YOURSELF. Take time out to exercise and eat right.  Because those little wrecking balls of love need you sane and in good health.

Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays Mamas!

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